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Simple, easy, efficient

A mobile application anyone can use

Log in and let the application guide you through every screen.

User friendly reports

All results easy to read any time

View current or historical data on your mobile device. Email test results as PDFs to medical providers.

Connecting all the dots

Directly from the mobile to your EMR

MedStreamline® is a PointClickCare® Partner. All test results are sent to the EMR (electronic medical record) of your choice.

All devices are FDA approved and medically certified for accuracy

Medical Devices

In Our Health Service.

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

The Smart Blood Pressure Monitor has a one-piece design that packs measuring cuff and blood pressure machine into one smart device without traditional hoses or wires.

Essential blood pressure (systolic and diastolic pressure) and pulse rate readings can be measured, stored, and sent anytime, anywhere.

Weight Scale

MedStreamline® Smart Weight and Body Fat Scale analyzes major aspects of body composition.

Sixteen essential metrics can be measured accurately and delivered instantly, including body fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, and BMI.

Blood Pressure Monitor

The AirBP™ is next generation, the ultimate in blood pressure monitoring. Measure Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Mean Arterial Pressure, and Pulse Pressure with this device.

Gain more insights into blood pressure readings. Log notes. Record mood or activity at the time of the measurement.


This Bluetooth enabled thermometer transmits readings to the application.

Historical reports and activity notes can be retrieved for analysis. Suitable for use on children and adults.



Check real-time data of SpO2, PR, and PI via Bluetooth. View statistical reports of continuous data history on your mobile device.

Low oxygen levels or abnormal pulse rates alert on your device or with visual alerts in historical reports.

About MedStreamline

Send vital readings directly to your EMR.

At MedStreamline®, our goal is to provide a solution for hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, assisted living facilities, and home users.

This solution leverages FDA approved medical devices and simplifies the process to record, store, and send information creating a seamless flow that allows healthcare providers more time to focus on the patient.

Moody Behery
Founder & CEO

Working Process

How does it work?

We have created a mobile application that connects automatically with no setup to Bluetooth medical sensors. The mobile application walks the user through the process of recording vital readings. These results are securely stored in the cloud
and automatically saved to your EMR/EHR.

Step 1- Record Patient Vitals

Use Bluetooth sensors to take the vital readings. Use the mobile application to send the vital readings.

Step 2 - Vitals Directly Uploaded
To The Cloud

Vital results are securely saved to the cloud automatically from the mobile application.

Step 3 - Vitals Transmitted To EMR/EHR

Once saved to the cloud, the vital results are transmitted to your EMR/EHR automatically.

Step 4 - Doctors Review The Patient's Results Remotely

Doctors are able to review patient's results. SMS and email alerts can be set up for abnormal readings.

What makes MedStreamline different?

We offer Remote Patient Monitoring services

Although Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has been around for years, MedStreamline has improved this concept by combining the skilled healthcare professionals and a seamless connection between different EMR/EHR systems.

This is the new way to RPM.


How it works...

MedStreamline works with multiple EMR/EHR systems to directly connect our mobile application so that all your data seamlessly saves to one place for your convenience.

  • Use the mobile application
  • Save the results (you can email the results as a PDF)
  • Online and offline modes are available.
  • Use the same login for your EMR/EHR on our mobile application
  • Doctors can receive alerts for abnormal readings.


Frequently Asked


Our mobile application works with a specific set of FDA- approved Bluetooth devices.  We offer a "manual entry" option.  This allows users to use other devices.  We are  constantly adding new devices to our library. 

MedStreamline® is for anyone!  If you are a home user, you can sign up and add your family members.

For hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities we set it up so that vitals are  saved directory to the EMR/EHR you use.

The MedStreamline kit includes:  two different blood pressure cuffs, a pulse oximeter, an infrared thermometer, and a weight scale.  You can purchase these items individually or in a discounted bundle.  All devices are Bluetooth and FDA approved.

The MedStreamline® mobile application connects automatically to all our devices.  Just turn on any of the devices and the application does the rest!

The mobile application does need an internet connection in order to transmit data.  However, it does have an offline mode to allow users to save data to the mobile device.  Once our application finds an internet connect, data is sent automatically.

Customer Reviews

Hear what our customers are saying...

Our customers have enjoyed MedStreamline. Here are some of the things they are saying.

  • Execllent!!

Being a home-health nurse, I need reliable medical devices that are easy to use. MEDStreamline's system is easy, fast and allows me to see more patients throughout the day.

Betty Wade Nurse Practitioner

  • Execllent!!

Using MedStreamline® at home has allowed me to use telemedicine visits so that the online doctor can easily see my family's vitals. It's like a visit to the office but from home!

Amy Wiser Home User

  • Execllent!!

Absolutely the most personable staff I have ever dealt with. The team quickly got us up and running. Training was an ease - because the software is so easy to use. Connecting to our EMR was a GAME CHANGER!

Emily Johnson CIO

  • Execllent!!

I am just glad that I was able to find a medical device company that explained how the system works. Their straight forward approach takes away all the quesswork.

Andrew Diaz Doctor

  • Phone Numbar: +1 (833) 968-7675
  • Address: Greenville, SC USA

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    Our mobile application and EMR solutions will allow you to easily record, store and monitor patient's vitals at your facility, on your mobile device or any remote location. We have a turn-key remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution. We also manage your RPM billing needs so that you can focus healthcare instead of software.